pH Meter for Semi - Solids

Testo 205 - pH Meter

Measure pH & Temperature Simultaneously 

205 pH Meter

The Testo 205-pH Meter is a robust food penetration instrument for the simulateneous measurement of pH and temperature. The integrated temperature sensor ensures precise temperature compensation, and therefore accurate pH measurements. Both the pH and temperaure results are simultaneously displayed on the LCD display allowing both values to be monitored at all times. The automatic final recognition (auto-hold) records the reading as soon as this is stable and alerts the user via an advisory tone. 

The pH probe is maintenance free, leak proof and insensitive to dirt thanks to the gel electrolyte in the probe. When necessary the combined pH measuring tip with temperature probe can be replaced by the user, saving the cost of replacing the whole unit. 

Calibration of the testo 205 -pH meter is user friendly and can be calibrated at one, two or three points. The belt / wall bracket supplied with the instrument enables the measuring instrument to be stored safely on the wall or on a belt. 

  • pH tip embedded in breakproof plastic
  • pH measurements can be carried out in semi-solid media such as cheese or meats
  • pH and temperature values are simultaneously shown on the LCD display
  • Auto-hold records the reading as soon as this is stable
  • Measurement tip exchangeable by the user
  • Calibration at one, two or three points
  • Storage cap with gel is used to store the probe between measurements
  • Belt / wall bracket sold with each unit enables safe storage


Specifications: -

  • Temperature
    • Measuring Range: 0 to 60°C
    • Accuracy: ±0.4°C
    • Resolution: 0.1°C
  • pH
    • Measuring Range: 0 to 14
    • Accuracy: ±0.02
    • Resolution: 0.01pH
  • Other
    • Battery: 4 x Button Cell LR44
    • Display type: LCD
    • Display size: 2 lines
    • Weight: 135g


Ordering Details: -

  • 205 pH / Temperature measuring instrument for semi-solids / storage cap with gel / belt & wall bracket

Product Code: TO0563.2051

  • 205 pH / Temperature instrument for semi-solids / storage cap with gel / calibration dosing bottles 250mL pH 4 & 7 / Belt & Wall Bracket / Aluminium Case

Product Code: TO0563.2052

  • Replacement probe for 205 pH Meter

Product Code: TO0650.2051

  • Storage cap for 205 pH meter

Product Code: TO0554.2051

  • Button cell Battery LR044 for 205 pH

Product Code: TO0515.0032

  • Buffer Soluton pH 4.00 (500mL)

Product Code: CSBL047-500M

  • Buffer Solution pH 7.00 (500mL)

Product Code: CSBL048-500M











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