Solvent Retention Capacity

SRC Chopin

Automated measurement of the solvent retention capacity (SRC) profile

The principle of the SRC method (in accord with AACC Approved Method 56-11) is based on the preferential solvation and swelling of the three polymeric, network-forming flour components by selected, material-specific solvents. The greater the swelling, and the greater the resistance of the swollen network to compression by centrifugation, the higher is the solvent retention.

The method enables the measurement of four key quality parameters of flour in one single test:

  • Water absorption with the water SRC
  • Glutenin functionality with the lactic acid SRC
  • Pentosane functionality with the sucrose SRC
  • Damaged starch functionality with the sodium carbonate SRC


These four functional properties are key parameters for the quality control of wheat flour. The SRC-CHOPIN finds its best uses in the breeding, milling, and baking industries, but can also add value throughout the rest of the wheat and flour supply chain.

The SRC test method is recognized worldwide. The SRC-CHOPIN machine identifies the solvent tubes, stores the flour weighing data, injects the solvents, shakes, centrifuges and drains the tubes, and then calculates all the results.

  • By removing all sources of variation caused by manual operations, the SRC-CHOPIN gives results that are 4-5 times more accurate.
  • The SRC-CHOPIN simplifies testing by performing all stages of the method automatically, from recording the weight of the flour to calculating and displaying the results.
  • By automating the test, the SRC-CHOPIN frees up the operator for almost the entire duration of the protocol (45 minutes of operator time for the manual method versus 10 min. for the automatic method).
  • The SRC-CHOPIN enables simultaneous analysis of 8 samples, i.e. a choice of possible combinations of 1-8 flours and 1-4 solvents.
  • The SRC-CHOPIN is a complete system. It incorporates a weighing scale, agitator, centrifuge, supernatant draining system and touchscreen controller.


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