Total Aerobic Count Plate

Compact Dry TC

A simple to use counting method for total viable bacteria. 


Compact Dry TC is a ready-to-use method recommended for the determination of Total Aerobic Count in raw materials, finished products, water and environmental surfaces. The Total Aerobic Count is a common test conducted by the food industry to ensure product quality and to monitor the environment within the production facility. 

Compact Dry TC is a 50mm diameter plate which contains dehydrated culture media and a cold water-soluble gelling agent in a non-woven cloth matrix. The medium is instantly hydrated when incoluated with a sample over the cloth matrix to form a gel within seconds. Due to the tetrazolium salt which is integrated into the medium and serves as redox indicator dye, the grown colonies will be red coloured and therefore easily distinguished from possible food residue on the plate. 

  • Ready to use
  • Rapid & easy to interpret results
  • Self-diffusable membrane means a spreader is not required
  • No height limits when stacking for incubation
  • Room temperature storage and long shelf life
  • AOAC, MicroVal & NordVal Approved


Compact Dry Steps for Use



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