BRAF StripAssay

ID mutations in the BRAF gene

The BRAF gene is mutated is approximately 8% of human tumours, mostly melanoma, colorectal and thyroid cancers.

The BRAF StripAssay rapidly identifies the most relevant mutations in the BRAF gene.

BRAF Mutations

  • BRAF encodes a serine/threonine protein kinase which plays a role in signalling pathways involved in cell proliferation and differentiation.
  • Some BRAF mutations significantly increase the BRAF gene product leading to neoplastic growth.
  • Identification of BRAF genetic variants is thus the key to the best therapy for melanoma, colorectal and thyroid cancer.


BRAF Brochure

KRAS-BRAF Brochure

Cat. VL-5-560 BRAF 600/601 StripAssay Pack Insert

Cat. VL-5-570 BRAF StripAssay Pack Insert

Cat. VL-5-580 KRAS-BRAF StripAssay Pack Insert




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