Hand Sanitiser Application Training

GlitterBug® Gel

Innovative training and evaluation of hand sanitiser application.

Perfect for food manufacturers, schools, healthcare providers, and food-handling businesses, GlitterBug® Gel provides the perfect tool to teach and evaluate the application of hand sanitiser. Hand sanitiser kills only the bacteria that it comes in contact with, leaving germs in areas on hands where the gel was missed. GlitterBug® Gel allows you to see the coverage and clearly identifies areas that are missed when placed under UV light.

To demonstrate hand sanitiser application: -

1. Apply GlitterBug® Gel over your hands as you would with a hand sanitiser product
2. Examine your hands under a UV light source
3. Any areas that do not glow, highlight the areas on your hands that have been missed and any potential bugs not killed.

GlitterBug® Gel is sold in a convenient 240mL pump pack, dispensing just the right amount to cover a pair of hands.

Please note that GlitterBug® Gel is not a sanitiser and does NOT kill germs.

Video Demonstration

Demonstration of the GlitterBug® Gel


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