Hand Washing Training

GlitterBug® Potion

See handwashing results with GlitterBug® Potion

Perfect for food manufacturers, schools, healthcare providers, and food-handling businesses, GlitterBug® Potion provides a valuable tool for teaching proper hand-hygiene techniques. GlitterBug® Potion is formulated with UV fluorescent material which will shine under UV light, highlighting any areas missed when washing hands.

To demonstrate handwashing technique when using hot water and soap: -

1. Rub the GlitterBug® Potion onto your hands like you would with hand cream
2. Wash and dry your hands as you normally would
3. Place your hands under a UV light and look for any fluorescent areas. These fluorescent areas highlight spots that were not adequately washed during washing and where bugs may lurk on your hands.

GlitterBug® Potion is sold in a convenient 240mL pump pack that dispenses the right amount to cover a pair of hands, allowing for approximately 200 applications.

Video Demonstration

Demonstration of the GlitterBug® Potion


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