Robust Meters & Non-Glass Probes

Sentron pH Meters & ISFET Probes

Robust and Intuitive Portable pH Meters and Probes

High end reliable and robust meter and probes for the measurement of pH plus temperature in a wide range of applications including food, healthcare and environmental services. Light weight, compact body and ergonomic design allows for easy use anywhere in the field or on the production line, whilst the rubber boot provides shock proof protection. The design of the unit is also stable enough for user friendly use in the laboratory.
A full range of ISFET probes allows for a wide variety of applications of pH & temperature measurement to be taken in samples such as liquids, food products, test tubes and mini-cuvettes. ISFET probes are manufactured from high quality plastic such as PEEK, ABS & PVC with no glass components, meaning probes can be used anywhere in the production or healthcare industries.

SENTRON SI400 & SI600 pH Meters

  • Two models of meters available – both models have laboratory & field units
  • Calibration wizard – simplifies calibration with report generation
  • Large Backlit LCD Screen – clear information and easy operation
  • pH & Temperature constant display – navigate the menu without missing a reading
  • IP65 rated – dust and splash proof
  • Shock proof – rubber foot on each meter to help absorb shock
  • SI600 Meter – extensive data storage, logging capabilities, and data transmission
  • Green Footprint – AA rechargeable batteries used

Specifications: -

   SI400  SI600
 Accuracy  ±0.01  ±0.005
 Resolution  0.01  0.005
 Range  0-14  0-14
 1 Point Calibration  ü  ü
 2 Point Calibration  ü  ü
 3 Point Calibration    ü
 5 Point Calibration    ü
 Buffer Types – Sentron  ü  ü
 Buffer Types – DIN, NIST, JIS  ü  ü
 Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC)  ü  ü
 Accuracy  ±0.5°C  ±0.5°C
 Resolution  0.1°C  0.1°C
 Range  -20°C to 120°C  -20°C to 120°C
 Data Handling    
 Store current measurement value manually  Max 10  Max 500
 Log measurement value (s) automatically at user defined interval 1-60 seconds    ü
 Send logged data file to PC via USB    ü
 Remote readout from PC via USB    ü
 Send calibration report (s) to PC via USB    ü




  • Robust ISFET Probes - Do not shatter or require wet storage
  • Robust – resistant to aggressive solutions & withstands rugged use
  • Full line of probes available: -
        ConeFET probe – general use
        CupFET probe – measurement of small amounts of liquid
        LanceFET probe – steel tip for measurement that requires penetration (meat, hard cheese, fruit)
        MiniFET probe – short 5mm diameter barrel for low profile mounting
        MicroFET probe – 3mm diameter probe to suit measurements in vials, test tubes or mini-cuvette

SI400 pH Meter
SI600 pH Meter
ConeFET pH Probe
CupFET pH Probe
LanceFET pH Probe
MicroFET pH Probe

pH Meter Manual
pH Probe Manual

Technical Documents

Ordering Details

pH Meters: -

 Stock Code  Description  Quantity
 7600-010  SI600 pH meter grey (for field and general use)  1
 7600-005  SI600 pH meter white (for laboratory use)  1
 7400-010  SI400 pH meter grey (for field and general use)  1
 7400-005  SI400 pH meter white (for field laboratory use)  1

ISFET Probes: -

 Stock Code  Description  Quantity
 2270-010  LanceFET Probe  1
 2274-010  LanceFET Probe with Handle  1
 3200-010  CupFET  1
 3280-010  ConeFET  1
 9270-010  MicroFET  1
 9202-010  MiniFET 5mm  1

Accessories: -

 Stock Code  Description  Quantity
 A120-0100  pH-Kit Starter Kit Set  1
 A120-001  pH-Kit ISFET pH Sensor Module  1
 A120-002  pH-Kit Reference Electrode  1
 A120-003  pH-Kit Analog Front End Module  1
 A120-004  pH-Kit AD Converter Module  1
 A120-005  pH-Kit USB Interface Module  1
 A100-001  SPS-10 Sentron Probe Stand  1
 A102-006  Power Supply 90-240V for all SI Meters (comes with UK, US, & EU AC Heads as standard  1


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