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SOLAR BIOLOGICS™ Sterile Boot Cover


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Pre-moistened cotton-poly blend fabric sock style boot cover with an integrated elastic band. The boot swab innovative design allows for it to cover even the largest of work boots. The boot swab come dry or pre-moistened with a choice of two different solutions, either double strength skim milk or buffered peptone water. Double-strength skim milk has been shown to exhibit good maintenance of a wide range of bacterial species obtained from environmental samples. 

  • 15cm x 15cm biocide free cotton-polyester blend fabric sewn in a sock shape
  • Integrated elastic band sewn into the top in order to aid in securing it to the boot
  • Dry or pre-moistened with either skim milk or buffered peptone water
  • Packed in a twirl-tie bag
  • One (#BTSW001) or two (#BTSW022) boot swabs in one bag
  • Bags can be opened easily with attached pull tabs
  • Label area for sample identification
  • Gamma irradiated for proven sterility


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Sold in packs of 100. 

Product Code: RL10001904          Solar Boot Cover with Buffered Peptone Water - Single

Product Code: RL10001905          Solar Boot Cover - Dry - Single

Product Code: RL10001906          Solar Boot Cover Swab with Skim Milk - Single

Product Code: RL10001907          Solar Boot Cover Swab with Buffered Peptone Water - Pair

Product Code: RL10001908          Solar Boot Cover Swab - Dry - Pair

Product Code: RL10001910          Solar Boot Cover Swab with Skim Milk - Pair

Product Code: RL10001917          Solar Plastic Boot Cover (sold in a pack of 50)








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