Pyxon Filter Bags

Low Cost Filter Blender Bags

A Low Cost Innovation in Sample Preparation

Filter stomacher bags is not new but cost has limited their use ..... Until now!!!

The Pyxon range of Homogeniser bags are designed to overcome a range of problems faced in a busy microbiology laboratory. Standard stomacher bags produce a supernatant that can be full of food particles, clogging pipettes and adding artefacts that can easily be confused with colonies when counting.  Pyxon Filter Homogeniser Bags have an inbuilt internal filter which divides the bag in two. Add your diluent and  sample to one side and after homogenising, pipette out a particle free filtrate from the other side. The pull down tab allows a standard pipettor to take the sample from the bag without risk of contaminating the pipettor barrel. 

The Pyxon Filter Bag Advantage            

  • Removes food particles
  • Clearer and easy to read plates
  • No clogging of pipettes
  • Ideal for spiral plates
  • Avoid pipette cross contamination
  • Quality 3 weld joint contruction
  • Quick, simple and safe


2 Sizes Available

Cat No. EL-PX0020 Filter Homogeniser Bag 400mL (190x300mm) 500pcs

Cat No. EL-PX0020M Filter Homogeniser Bag 80mL (114x190mm) 1000pcs


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