Detection in 11 Minutes

AgraStrip® ß-Lactoglobulin

Lateral flow device for the detection of ß-Lactoglobulin residue in food, rinse waters and environmental swabs.

Milk is an ingredient used throughout the food manufacturing industry as an ingredient for a variety of products such as cookies and sausages. Very low amounts of milk can cause allergic reactions including anaphylaxis, particularly in infants. Approximately 20% of bovine milk proteins are whey proteins, with the main component being ß-Lactoglobulin. To help prevent a product recall due to cross contamination in the manufacturing area, quality assurance personnel can use the AgraStrip® β-Lactoglobulin test kit.

The AgraStrip® ß-Lactoglobulin kit is a ready-to-use lateral flow device supplied with all the consumables required to run 10 tests. ß-Lactoglobulin residue can be detected at any stage of the production process from surface tests to ingredient testing and then finished product analysis. The lateral flow device provides a positive or negative result within 11 minutes, enabling corrective actions to be implemented quickly when required.

  • Sensitive – detects a low level of ß-Lactoglobulin residue
  • Visual result – no expensive equipment required
  • User friendly – minimal training of staff
  • Room temperature & long shelf life

Each test kit comes complete with strips, antibody coated incubation vials, extraction tubes, an extraction buffer, surface swabs and additional accessories.

Specifications: -

Limit of Detection:   0.5ppm BLG (finished product and rinse water testing)
                                     0.5µg / 25cm² BLG (Swab testing)
Range of Detection: 0.5-100ppm BLG
                                     15-3000ppm Skimmed Milk Powder

Video Demonstration
AgraStrip Allergen Test Kit Methodology
AgraStrip Allergen Test Kit in the Production Facility

AgraStrip Allergen Brochure
AgraStrip Product Focus Brochure


Pack Insert
AgraStrip ß-Lactoglobulin Pack Insert

Technical Documents
AgraStrip Validation Summary
AgraStrip ß-Lactoglobulin Validation Report

Ordering Details
AgraStrip® β-Lactoglobulin
Product Code: RL10002032
Pack Size: 10 tests


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