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Rapid Testing



Rapid Allergen Screening Swab

Cronobacter Kit

BAX Q7 Cronobacter

Cronobacter PCR Assay

E.coli O157 H7 MP Kit

BAX Q7 E. coli O157:H7

E. Coli O157:H7 PCR Assay

Genus Listeria_rev02

BAX Q7 Genus Listeria

Listeria PCR Assay

Genus Listeria 24E Kit

BAX Q7 Genus Listeria 24E

Listeria 24E PCR Assay

L mono 24E_rev02

BAX Q7 L mono 24E

L. Mono 24E PCR Assay

L. mono_rev02

BAX Q7 Listeria monocytog

L.mono PCR Assay

Campylobacter_RT Kit

BAX Q7 RT Campylobacter

Real Time PCR Assay Campylobacter

E. coli O157 H7_RT Kit

BAX Q7 RT E. coli O157:H7

Real Time PCR Assay

Genus Listeria_RT Kit

BAX Q7 RT Genus Listeria

Real Time Genus Listeria PCR

L. mono_RT_rev02

BAX Q7 RT L monocytogenes

Real Time L.mono PCR


BAX Q7 RT Salmonella

Real Time Salmonella PCR

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